Our approach

At Ambys, we are seizing the opportunity to have an unprecedented change in the treatment of serious liver diseases.

The confluence of knowledge in the field of gene, cell, and drug therapies along with increased understanding of the underlying mechanisms of liver function and disease have opened the door for developing new classes of medicines that can regenerate or restore function to the liver.

Multimodal approach to repair and restore liver function

Ambys Medicines is pursuing a multimodal approach to the development of first-in-class therapeutics for liver disease

Pioneering on multiple fronts

The scientific founders and team at Ambys are leaders in the fields of gene therapy, cell therapy and “gain of function” small molecules. Together, these three approaches create the potential for the development of drug therapies that can restore or replace natural liver function.


If you share our desire to create breakthrough medicines for liver disease, we’d love to hear from you.